Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, January 23, 2012

I am Back To Stay

Hi all,
So very sorry it has been so long but I promise to do better!  I am off on Mondays so I will start by making sure I post at least every Monday :) 
Life around here got very complicated with both girls home, sick dogs and the holidays.  I seem to have gotten in a stitching funk, UGH!! 

But both girls have moved out - Siobhan off to Philadelphia to an apartment with friends and 3 (yes 3) part time jobs (oh to be young again).  She is also working on her art like crazy and should have her first Philadelphia show soon.  She is a printmaker.  Devin is off to a Lake House near Misericordia University as she finishes her Masters in Occupational Therapy. She graduates in May.  Can you tell I am a proud mama?!?!

Well I am determined to get my mojo back.  I have started a small cross stitch Christmas Tea by Plum Street Samplers.  I love cranberry tea and I loved the colors so I am determined that it will be my first finish of 2012!

I also have a dear friend who is getting married in September so I was looking for the perfect wedding pattern for a older bride (47) and second time around when I was blog surfing and came across the blog A Whole Lot of Latte.  She had just started The Wedding from My Big Toe Designs and it is perfect.  Even the colors as she is thinking of burgundy for the wedding.  I am looking forward to starting it and I know if I post my progress you will all help keep me going.  

I promise progress pictures soon - I will be back VERY soon.  Til then stay warm and dry . . .Hugs