Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, October 17, 2011

Been Gone Awhile

Good Evening All,
Sorry I am not posting as often as I would like but life has bee crazy. 

First we bought a RV and have been up at the campground for the last 3 weekends getting everything in order.  Here is our "home away from home".

 I am sure we will enjoy many wonderful weekends and vacations in our "new to us" RV!

This week Shari and Denise both finished their Northwind. I haven't heard from Angela yet and mine is on hold (more about that later) so here are the 2 finished pieces:
Denise week 9 finish

Shari week 9 finish

Aren't they both beautiful?!?! I have been working on my crocheting for class.  Here is my progress so far:

My first piece a heart

A hooded scarf with pockets almost ready to be put together.
And ...
A shawl that I can't wait to wear!

Now I have a Christmas exchange to get moving on and crocheting Christmas gifts, and move my daughter, and winterize the camper, and work, and . . . I think my North Wind will be waiting awhile!  

Hope you are all enjoying the fall. We have some beautiful fall weather at last.  Have a great week and I promise to be back a little sooner next time.


  1. I loved camping in a RV as a kid. Glad you have been having fun. Your crocheting is awesome - way to go!

  2. I grew up camping with a pop up & oh how do I miss camping....your new RV is close enough to the size home we raised our family in!!!!
    thanks for posting the finishes..
    Your crochet looks great & you will get back to Northwinds.....

  3. I love your RV... would love a weekend away in a spot like that. We'll be camping - tenting - at New Year. Looking forward to it.

    Your crochet looks great. Getting them done in time for the cooler weather to hit! We've finally had some real Sydney Spring mornings. Thought they were never going to arrive.