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Steel Stacks

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rough Month

So sorry it has been so long since I posted and I promise to get on the ball with the give-a-way. It has been a really rough month in the Christmas City. 

Our sweet Lady Mae at the age of 15+ took a turn for the worse and the cushings disease and cancer finally took it's toll on her (and us) and we had to help her on her way to the rainbow bridge. We had rescued her at the age of 3 and she was truly the sweetest, kindest, most easy-going dog! She accepted every person or dog we every brought home. She just loved everyone. We miss you Lady, there will never be another like you :(

 This is Lady Mae at Christmas 2011. 

Before she lost all her hair (except for part of her face and legs) and really got VERY sick. lady Mae went to the rainbow bridge a week ago Thursday.

She was truly my daughter Devin's dog and Dev said she couldn't do it unless she had a dog to sleep with. Well Bailey and Jack wouldn't leave us so she started looking for a puppy. Two days later (Last Saturday) we met a transport truck that came from a rescue in Alabama and Max entered our lives!

He is 10 weeks old and a papillon mix (mixed with what?? Who knows!). We saw his mom and brothers as people were picking up them too. His mom was 12 pounds and LONG legs! Max is 4 pounds 6 oz. and a sweetheart. He is getting along with the other dogs, eating, using his wee wee pads or going outside (NO accidents so far YAY!). The rescue group gets dogs from a kill shelter in Alabama, sends them to foster families and then puts them on He was born in foster care and Devin spoke to a volunteer from the rescue and called the foster mom before accepting him. He is exactly as the foster mom described him (size, temperament, etc.). She called Wed. night and they had a transport headed our way leaving AL on Thursday, arrive in PA on Saturday morning. It was an air-conditioned truck (I'll admit I was worried but Devin was determined and she is almost 24 with a great job) and he came off healthy and happy. There were at least 15-20 families picking up their new family members and taking them to their forever homes. Welcome home Max!

Now to share what little stitching I have gotten done.

First is the slow progress on "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow". I went back to work and school started last Monday so I have just been to tired to stitch.

Block 2

Next is a Quaker Wedding for a friend. 

"The Wedding" by My Big Toe Designs

I hope to be back soon and hope you are all enjoying the last weekend of summer!!!



  1. So sorry you've lost Lady. Many hugs to you! Max looks like quiet the little character. ha. School is back in session and your stitching must wait - when's retirement?

  2. Oh, I'm so very sorry that your Lady Mae is gone. The loss of a pet is so heart wrenching, all those years of unconditional love. You gave her a great life for as long as you could, she was a lucky girl.

  3. So sorry for your loss! It is very hard to lose a pet - they are family, too! And Max is adorable!

  4. ok, I hadn't commented.....I KNOW I read the post, but so sorry I didn't comment at that time....
    I know how rough it has been for you....having done the same thing earlier this summer. So happy you have Max to love..he looks like a keeper!!!
    praying for you as you adjust to a new pup & mourn the loss of Lady Mae....she was a special friend in your life..

  5. Hi Rose, just found your blog!!! I know how hard it must be to loose a pet (really a family member!). But soooo happy that you found another little pup to rescue! Dog's ad so much companionship to our lives, it so hard to live without!!!

    Looking forward to seeing more stitching!