Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Start

Good Morning to all my followers and a big welcome to my 2 new followers!

I have finally started my 2013 stitching! First (better late than never) here is a picture of my first TUSAL.

Not bad considering I started January 1st LOL. The colors are even prettier than this picture shows and are almost all from the biscornu that I have been making for an exchange. I am mailing it out Wednesday so as soon as I know my exchange partner has received it I will gladly share. I really like the pattern that I got from The Floss Box. Their biscornu patterns are beautiful!!

Last week I started a project I got to hang in the new bathroom. I picked the bathroom colors from the colors used in the pattern. It is A Day At The Beach from Country Cottage Needle Works.  I am using the suggested colors but am stitching it on 16 count hand dyed aida. I am just not a linen kind of gal. I stitch because I love to and I just can't see well enough that linen is not a struggle.  Here is my progress so far.

You really can't see the colors of the floss or fabric in this but trust me when I tell you it is looking good.

I have been down with the stomach bug since Friday night but feeling alittle better today so will try to get some stitching in.  I spent the morning winding floss on some cards and over the weekend (while lying on the couch) I read a great book. It's called Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. I highly recommend it. It is a great read.

Well I hope all of you are staying well and warm (it has turned freezing here). I am watching the Inauguration of President Obama and going to start stitching. Voted for him or not he is now the president for 4 more years and this is history (and I love history). I wish him well for all our sakes.

Have a wonderful week and will be back soon!!!


  1. Great start. I stitched this one last year and love it! Check out my blog to see it framed up!

  2. Pretty pattern for a bathroom. I used to be an aida person too, still love stitching on aida, though I use line where suggested. Somehow love the comfort of aida.
    Have a great 2013