Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, April 22, 2013

Updates & Finishes :)

Good Morning All!
Well I know it has been a while but hear we go. Christmas City has finally begun to feel some tastes of spring. There are trees budding all over the place ahhhhh-choo! But they do look nice. Winter went on for way to long. We had a day a couple of weeks ago that hit 88 degrees but we are back to nights in the upper 30's and days in the upper 50's. A little cold for this time of the year but at least it is a step in the right direction. I think we will go right to heat when the time finally arrives and then I will complain about the heat. I perfer the cool weather. If it would stay around 70 all year round I might be comfortable lol. Not likely huh!?!?!

Well let's get to the updates:

I participated in a biscornu exchange on the forum. Here is the one I made (first one ever):

 The pattern is Biscornu #356 from the Floss Box using recommended colors and done on rose 14 count fiddler's cloth. For a first time I think it really came out nice. The pictures does not do justice to the colors.

And this is what I received from Minnie at All XXXs If you haven't checked out her blog please do she really does some wonderful stitching.

Now for my finishes:

A Day At the Beach

Little House Virtues Series Hope

Little House Virtues Series Love

And what I am working on:

Little House Virtues Series Peace

My Big Toe The Wedding

I am really hooked on Little House Needleworks patterns.  I am doing the entire Virtues series. I'm not sure how I will finish them but I am thinking of making a window topper out of them for the bedroom. We will see when I have them all. I also ordered her Hometown Holiday Series and I am so looking forward to stitching them. I also promised myself I would get back to work on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I love the new Spring of Hawk Run Hollow but I can NOT order the pattern until us finish Shores. (I must be good ... I must be good ... I must be good...)

We opened our camper last weekend so I am hoping to get some serious relaxing and stitching done this summer. 

Thank you for hanging in there with me! I will keep trying to do better (I can't do much worse at this blogging thing can I lol)

Until til the next time...



  1. All of your finishes are beautiful and I really want to see more of "The Wedding" I love the color.

  2. Great stitching progress. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the sheep virtues!

    1. Thank you! I am so bad at posting on my blog but will do anther update this week. Love your blog and flosses!

  3. My dear Rose,

    It really makes me happy when I see comment from you and makes me miss all our exchanges in the forum. All your finishes are so beautiful and so neat. Love your bisconus. Maybe someday I will make one... Also, can't wait to see you doing again the Shores. Do you that it's still on my list of to buy, LOL! Actually, all in the series, so me to... I must be good (repeat 100x)!

    Miss you my friend! Take care always.


  4. ooooo well done on your first biscornu :) and the one you received is pretty too.

    well done on your finishes and your WIPs gorgeous stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx

  5. Love your stitching! the Biscornu turned out really cute.
    Happy Stitching

  6. ooh, is that the camper on your header? Looks nice! Hope you enjoy lots of fun things in it this year! Your 1st biscornu is quite lovely! I may go find that particular pattern to do... have a hankering to do a few biscornus. Enjoy the LHN pieces--they are nice, arent't they? Hugs!

  7. Great exchange gifts, both of them. And I love your finishes, too.

  8. Great work and finishes. I especially love the seashore sampler.

  9. As usual, beautiful work and fantastic patterns. I love both biscornu!

  10. Beautiful stitching! So gorgeous!

  11. Well done! I've never made a biscornu.

  12. Oh, forgot to tell you my fabric color is Butterscotch Cookie bought from Sassys Fabbys.