Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014

Hello to anyone who has hung in here with me. Sorry I was gone for so long but I have been crazy busy at work and stitching. I went back to full-time this year and although I am enjoying it I seem to only have time to stitch lol.

I (along with 129 others) have joined the Stitch From Stash 2014 Group that is Mel's idea at Epic Stitching. We have committed to only spending $25 a month (or less). Luckily I have so many projects in my stash and lots of fabric and floss. I am hoping to spend as little as possible. We are to report our progress by the 28th of each month on our blog. See the method to my madness?!? This will also help me to make time to blog!

First let me show you my final finish for 2013:

Jingle As Ye Enter
by Victorian Motto
Using tea dyed 14 count Aida
Recommended Floss by Victorian Motto

Then between Winter Break and snow days I really got 2014 off to a great start.

Finish #1 - 2014
Baby It's Cold Outside
Tea dyed 16 count Aida and recommended threads

Finish #2 - 2014
by Lizzie Kate
Gift for my wonderful #1 daughter's birthday
Tea dyed 14 count Aida and recommended threads

And WIP block #3 of Shores From Hawk Run Hollow

I am happy to report that I spent $0 and all were stitched from my stash!!!

All these snow days are really taking a toll on my paycheck so this is the perfect year to "stitch from stash".  Thank you Mel for a wonderful idea whose timing couldn't have been better. Whenever I feel the itch to stash shop I go on 123Stitch and add to my wish list! 

I hope all has been well with all of you and I look forward to sharing many finishes with you!!!

Stay warm and dry and happy stitching!



  1. My dear Rose,

    So happy to see your Shores again :D And I envy you for all your finishes, they are all so lovely. I haven't updated my blog also. Will try to do it as soon as I get hold of my laptop. My old one broke down and is not repairable anymore. I really miss blogging.

    Take care always!


  2. I also stitch from stash and it's fun. There are so many hidden treasures in our stash. Great finishes you show here and very nice progress on your WIP.

  3. It is the YEAR of Stash Stitching! I didn't know about your group, so missed the chance to join... but I will join you all in spirit! You have such great finishes! I have Baby It's Cold in my stash, and maybe a few LK charts similar, but not that particular one. You are really progressing on Shores. Hugs!

  4. I decided to stitch from stash too this year - just didn't officially join the group. It feels good, doesn't it? Great progress so far.

  5. Great SFS report and lovely progress on your projects :) My report will be posted this weekend.

  6. Wonderful progress and congrats on your fabulous finish! I love Baby, It's Cold and finished it off myself last year.