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Steel Stacks

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

stitch from stash March

Hello all!

I can't believe how quickly March has gone by. It's time for my March Stitch From Stash Challenge report. I bought 4 patterns for a total of $23.99. Close but still under the $25.00 limit. I will say that I added a few things to my wish list but also took a few off so this waiting to buy is working.

Here are the patterns I bought.

I got the 2 Trilogy patterns Cat Treat and Friendship for $8.98. They are for gifts. then I saw Little House Needleworks and Shakespeare's Peddler teamed up to sell two wonderful patterns Neighborhood Friends and Cats in the Garden with the profits to go to animal rescue. You could even nominate your favorite rescue to possibly receive a portion of the money raised. Not only do I love both desginers but anyone who knows me knows my dogs are rescues so I couldn't resist.

I worked on Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow and since January I have finished blocks 3 and four, did the outlining of all the other blocks and started block 5. Not bad for someone who has taken at least 2 years to do the first 2 blocks!

Then I put it aside and started working on Under the Boardwalk by Pickel Barrel Designs, which had been kitted up for a while. The colors are brighter than I usually like but it is a gift for my husband. He used to go to Seaside Heights in NJ as did I in our teenage/young adult years. We also spent many happy days on the boardwalk with our girls when they were young so is has been so very hard when it was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy and then by fire a few months later. I had to contact Nancy the designer with a questions about the pattern and when I told her the story she very generously charted the words "Seaside Heights" where "Under the Boardwalk" as to go. I can't wait to finish and hopefully will be done by the end of the week.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying "Stitching from Stash", until next time....


  1. Oh my goodness! You HAVE been busy. Love all your projects. I purchased the Neighborhood Friends pattern, as well. It is a great cause.

    1. Thank you Kim! This winter has been soooo long I just didn't want to go anywhere except to work. Plus working in a school we had a lot of snow days. I should have been cleaning but stitching was a much better way to spend a snowy afternoon.

  2. Cute patterns. You have been busy :)

  3. Great stitching on all your projects.

  4. Wow gorgeous projects you have been stitching. I too have Shores HRH but haven;t even started yet. And its been kitted for over 2 years - lol. Will get to starting it hopefully this year. But I love getting to see all your beautiful projects.
    love Annette

  5. Neat story about Seaside Heights! It's a cute stitch.

  6. Great new stash and $ to spare!

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    Lovely new stash and well done for staying in budget.

    Love your WIPs. I stitched Shores a few years ago and felt a great sense of achievement when I'd finished it.