Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lots of finishes to show! June report!

Good Morning all,
Well I did spend a lot in June but Mel gave us an extra $50.00 to spend so I still have managed not to skip a month. I think that is my goal. To not have to skip a month lol! Here is the report:

June:     $9.30 - 2 yards of 18 count aida (cream but I am planning to dye it)
              $11.00 - 3 patterns (stash unload) Little House - Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Cedar Hill - Christmas Country Village and Fancy That - Shaker Village bell pull
                $16.99 - If We Pray Inspirational Boxer Kit
                $9.50 - Needle minder (lost mine)
                $18.50 - Prairie Schooler - book No. 58 OOP
                $23.80 - Hardwicke Manor Embroidery Hoop 6.5" Square                 

Total Spent:          $89.09
Total Allowed:    -  75.00
Total Over            $14.09

Carry Over:         $41.75
Total Over:           - 14.09
June Carry over: $27.66

Not to bad considering all I got! First the stitching I've worked on in the last 2 months as I didn't get my camera working in May.

"Under the Boardwalk"
Gift for my Hubby for our 31st Anniversary.
Nancy very kindly charted it for Seaside Heights for me :)

The Needleworker

Mystery SAL

Blue Ribbon Designs
Find Your Happy Place
(pattern is a gift from Maggee @ Stitching Devotee)
(making for a non-stitching friend)

Shores from Hawk Run Hollow
Almost finished with block 5 and shown with my new needle minder and my wonderful new hoop. I have discovered I an returning to hoops more and more and I had read about these hand made Hardwicke Manor Hoops. I had been using a vintage hoop. Ordered this one and just love it! It's even wide enough to hold my pattern clip but it's very lite!

And now for the patterns purchased!

All Three for $11.00!


 I have wanted this OOP for a long time but could never find it and when I did the price was usually outrageous! Finally it's mine so I guess I will have to add it to my Christmas rotation lol! Not that I don't have enough to do!

Well I guess that's all for now! time to get ready and head out to a "paint your own picture" ALS fundraiser with my dear friend Bea. It is in honor of her husband Jack. He was truly a one of a kind man who is missed by many!!

Hugs to all,


  1. You are doing well with keeping on track Rose! All your stitches are lovely, and I look forward to seeing those WIPs completed soon! Ha!

  2. Goodness! You are doing well on the spending this year! Congrats! Your stitching makes me smile - you are getting so many projects done!

  3. You have some very lovely finishes here. And wow, such great new stash. I bought that Shaker Village chart quite a while ago but haven't started it yet. And lucky you to find the PS book 58.

  4. Hello my dear Rose!

    I envy all your pieces!! Wish I could do the same :D And as usual, so glad to see again the Shores...

    I have just bought the LHN Sheep virtues and that's what I am doing now. Really a fun stitch, so excited to stitch it every night. I will post about it in my blog soon

    Thank you dear for stopping by my blog. Take care always.


  5. Love all the projects! I can't wait to get back to mine.

  6. What beautiful stitching and stash!
    I have Shores from Hawk Run Hollow in my stash--maybe I should get it out and start it!!! Yours is looking good!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. You got some nice designs!