Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SWAT and IHSW update

Good morning all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday but what a day! I had to get up early to take Hubby to work as the van is in being fixed. Then off to work for a few hours followed by torture physical therapy (I think we over did it yesterday OUCH). Right after PT I had to go get hubby and take him to dr. appt. for a check-up, to Wegman's (food store), make dinner, drop off a laptop that hubby had fixed for a friend of mine and finally home to collapse! Oh and it is incredibly hot here too (as I hear it is in many parts of the US) with no end in sight! 

Enough complaining! Here are my finishes and starts:

Blessings by The Stitcherhood
I will be getting fabric to finish this one today.

Basket of Memories by Blackbird Designs
I am not at all happy with the blue I chose and I think the frogs will be visiting today!

 An Emblem of Love by Ellen Chester
I love this Quaker freebie I found and can't wait to put some more time in on it!

Time to get ready for work but then I am off the rest of the week so I can hide from the heat in the house and stitch!! Oh and read (currently reading Mary Queen of Scots, good read but a long book.

Until later have a wonderful day and happy stitching!


  1. Wow, Rose, you got heaps done!

    Blessings looks great.

    Is that a variegated blue on Memories? It's very pretty. Have you tea-dyed the fabric?

    Those pesky frogs - I had an absolute infestation over the weekend. I think I've quite possibly stitched the scissor case four times over but have very little to show for it!

  2. Lovely projects you're stitching :)
    Congratulations on your finishing

  3. Love all your stitching projects. I hope you get to enjoy the a quieter time and some stitching time at the end of the week

  4. oooo love your starts and the blue looks nice to me :) enjoy you rest of the week off stitching too :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Lovely stitching! You were busy, glad you have some time off to stay in and stitch!

  6. Blessings has finished beautifully. Very pretty WIPs as well.
    Oh, how lucky to be able to sit at home and stitch in peace. Have fun

  7. Yikes!!! I hope that will be your busiest day this week!

    I love your Blessings finish. Did you really frog all the blues? They look nice... but I know how it is, if you're not happy with it now, you won't be further down the road either.