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Steel Stacks

Friday, August 5, 2011

Remember Me

Good Morning All!  It's been a busy last few days! I was getting ready for all the company that Musikfest brings to our house! Musikfest officially starts tonight but they did have a local kick-off last night and I hear it was a great success.  Musikfest is a huge festival that takes over downtown Bethlehem for 10 days of music, food, art and fun.  This year for the first time they are splitting the venues between the north and south side of the city (the Lehigh River divides the city in half). If you are interested in more info you can go to and of course I will post pictures so that you can see.  The downside of over a million people in 10 days is of course the traffic and lost tourists.  Yesterday I was trying to get home from PT and of course was already being held up by drivers on their cell phones, and lost. A small price to pay as it is only 10 days and great for out economy.  The residents who don't like it just go on vacation!

Yesterday I also got my new glasses.  We shall see. They are progressive lenses as it was that or tri-focals.  So far they are something I need to get used to but not too bad. 
Also yesterday my yellow fabric arrived.  You can't really tell from the picture but it has small sparkles in it.  I re-started Basket of Memories and I just love it on the yellow! I am so glad a changed the fabric color - it is in memory of my mom and I would never have been happy with the first try. What do you think??

And of course my update on my Quaker.

I am really happy with how this is coming out even though I did the make an error in my measuring of the edges but it will make it.   

Denise (Riverside Stitching) and Shari (Shari's Sharings), I and maybe Angela (Indomitable Angela) - will be starting our SAL of the Northwind on the 15th so keep watching for our weekly progress updates!
Well I am off to run my errands and get home before the "festers" get out and about.  Have a great day -
Hugs to all. . .


  1. Hi Rose :)

    LOVE the re-start. The buttery yellow suits the blue perfectly. Can't wait to see it progressing. The blues are gorgeous and are really standing out now.

    xxx K

  2. That fabric is perfect with the blue!

  3. Great combination for the Remember Me piece, was definitely worth a restart. It's going to be lovely.

    The Quaker piece is amazing, I love watching the progress.

    Have fun with Musikfest! It sounds like an interesting (yet crowded) event in Bethlehem.

    I think I will start the North Wind SAL. I've never done an SAL before and I will enjoy the camaraderie. So, I'll have 3 X stitches and one quilt and one knitting project going at once. I think that ought to do the trick!

    P.S. I sent you the smoke tone Aida today so you'll have some more projects to start soon. :)

  4. The yellow is perfect for Remember Me. And Quaker is beautiful!

    Yippee - Angela is in too!

    And Musikfest - that's gonna be a lot of people to see! Have fun!

  5. love the yellow .. the blue looks lovely on it :) and the quaker one too ... enjoy your sal and the musik fest :) love mouse xxxx

  6. ok, I HAVE been to your blog a time or I have it in my blog list, so I will KNOW when you update!!!!
    Your piece on yellow looks great & I can see the sparkles....pretty!!!
    Can't wait to do the SAL with you 3 great should be a lot of fun.....maybe I will actually DO some stitching!

  7. Love the blue thread with your new yellow fabric. Very pretty. :D

    Have fun with Musikfest!!!! :D

  8. Simply love the soft yellow and blue combination. And quaker is coming up great. Can you please share the thread you are using for both?