Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, August 22, 2011

SAL week one!

Hi All,
Sorry I haven't been around but life has been crazy.  2 funerals and a wedding, back to work full time and that was just this week.  Hopefully things will settle down and I can get some stitching in! Today is the end of week one of our Northwind SAL so it is time to post our starts.  

 This one is Denise of "Riverside Stitcher" 
She came up with this wonderful idea! She is starting in the upper left corner and just flying along!

This is Shari's of "Shari's sharing"
She is starting in the middle and looking really good!

This one is mine (again starting in the upper left corner) and as you can see my crazy week also took a toll on my stitching (that and the aida I chose is VERY SOFT and I am not used to 
having to stitch so loosely and there are a lot 
more stitches in the cloud than it looks lol).

Our dear Angela of "Indomitable Angela" is starting over this week with new fabric so I will show you hers next Monday.

Until then I am going to hop in the hot tub and warm my shoulder (PT today) and maybe get some stitching done before I fall asleep.  Updates on "The Three Kings" later in the week.




  1. Nice starts from everyone. I liked this design when I first saw it so I shall look forward to the progress reports

  2. what a week you had......sure hope this week is better for you!