Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, August 29, 2011

Survived and SAL Update!!!

Good Morning Everyone!! 
Well we all survived Hurricane Irene at our house and I hope you all did too.  We were very lucky only a little water in the basement and a small pond in the back yard (oh and the hot tub cover leaked so it overflowed). All around us is flooding, power outages, and trees down.  Today was supposed to be the first day of school but cancelled due to power and flooding. Now we have used our first "snow day" and we haven't even started school yet!

Saturday (before the storm) Andy and I went to look at a travel trailer at a campground about an hour from our house.  We just loved it and I will be headed to the bank this afternoon to get a check! We are all so very excited to have a weekend get-a-way/vacation "home".  It is on a great site with a beautiful view.  Andy's job really never gives us time to go very far for very long.  So now I can at least get him away for weekends.  Also I am not the greatest  traveler (I like to be comfortable and have my "stuff" (stitching books etc.). And I of course hat leaving the dogs behind! I will post pictures as soon as I can.  It is quite large but can be pulled if we want to later on.

Ok drum roll please . . . . . here are the updates on our Northwind SAL. 

Angela week 2 
(she started over and has made amazing progress)

Shari week 2
(flying along)

Denise week 2 
(I am amazed how fast she is going that cloud is a killer)

Me week 2
(boy do I have some catching up to do)

I have been really struggling with the fabric.  It is the softest aida I have ever used and I thought that would be wonderful but the needle just polks through anywhere and if you pull your tention too tight is really throws your stitches off. Oh well I love the pattern and the color so I will keep plugging away.  Funny enough the colors in this pattern really will look great at the camper!  

Until next time.  Keep safe and keep stitching!

Monday, August 22, 2011

SAL week one!

Hi All,
Sorry I haven't been around but life has been crazy.  2 funerals and a wedding, back to work full time and that was just this week.  Hopefully things will settle down and I can get some stitching in! Today is the end of week one of our Northwind SAL so it is time to post our starts.  

 This one is Denise of "Riverside Stitcher" 
She came up with this wonderful idea! She is starting in the upper left corner and just flying along!

This is Shari's of "Shari's sharing"
She is starting in the middle and looking really good!

This one is mine (again starting in the upper left corner) and as you can see my crazy week also took a toll on my stitching (that and the aida I chose is VERY SOFT and I am not used to 
having to stitch so loosely and there are a lot 
more stitches in the cloud than it looks lol).

Our dear Angela of "Indomitable Angela" is starting over this week with new fabric so I will show you hers next Monday.

Until then I am going to hop in the hot tub and warm my shoulder (PT today) and maybe get some stitching done before I fall asleep.  Updates on "The Three Kings" later in the week.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stitchy chairs and updates :)

Well gang this weekend I got a lot of stitching done and worked on getting my chair choices in order. I my shoulder took a turn for the worse and I discovered that the recliner and the couch are not "neck friendly" especially when stitching. Sooooo I got rid of the recliner (off the the local thrift shop) and moved my blue chair (which works) and then went to storage and got out my mom's chair and my old floor stand (which I think I used once) and they work perfectly together!

My comfy blue chair with my beloved Bailey

Mom's chair which is perfect!

Now for the updates - I finished Basket of Memories here it is with the fabric I think I will use to finish it.

 It is stitched on a lovely yellow (brighter than it looks here) with DMC Color Variations 4235.

Last night I just didn't feel like working on the Quaker and I can't start my Northwind  until Monday so I did what all good stitchers do and started another project.  Angela over at Indomitable Angela sent me some beautiful aide so I could do:

The Three Kings
by Diane Arthurs

And here is my start from last night:

 Not much yet but moving in the right direction.  

I hope you are all having a beautiful day and thank you all for you comments they mean the world to me. Until next time . . .

Friday, August 5, 2011

Remember Me

Good Morning All!  It's been a busy last few days! I was getting ready for all the company that Musikfest brings to our house! Musikfest officially starts tonight but they did have a local kick-off last night and I hear it was a great success.  Musikfest is a huge festival that takes over downtown Bethlehem for 10 days of music, food, art and fun.  This year for the first time they are splitting the venues between the north and south side of the city (the Lehigh River divides the city in half). If you are interested in more info you can go to and of course I will post pictures so that you can see.  The downside of over a million people in 10 days is of course the traffic and lost tourists.  Yesterday I was trying to get home from PT and of course was already being held up by drivers on their cell phones, and lost. A small price to pay as it is only 10 days and great for out economy.  The residents who don't like it just go on vacation!

Yesterday I also got my new glasses.  We shall see. They are progressive lenses as it was that or tri-focals.  So far they are something I need to get used to but not too bad. 
Also yesterday my yellow fabric arrived.  You can't really tell from the picture but it has small sparkles in it.  I re-started Basket of Memories and I just love it on the yellow! I am so glad a changed the fabric color - it is in memory of my mom and I would never have been happy with the first try. What do you think??

And of course my update on my Quaker.

I am really happy with how this is coming out even though I did the make an error in my measuring of the edges but it will make it.   

Denise (Riverside Stitching) and Shari (Shari's Sharings), I and maybe Angela (Indomitable Angela) - will be starting our SAL of the Northwind on the 15th so keep watching for our weekly progress updates!
Well I am off to run my errands and get home before the "festers" get out and about.  Have a great day -
Hugs to all. . .