Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back From Vacation

Hello all. We are back from out vacation and time to post :)

We went to our camper in the Pocono Mountains for 10 days. It was great! We didn't even have to turn the air conditioners on until mid week.  

Our camper the first morning there.

We went to Bushkill Falls and hiked to the falls. Very pretty but I understand it is much better after some rain.  We really haven't had much rain except for an occasional fast moving thunderstorm.

Bushkill Falls

It was hot so we went swimming in the campground pool.

Sunset over the pool.

My daughters each came up to visit Devin and the dogs for a couple of days and Siobhan for an overnight.  Always good to spend time together.  The last night there was a terrible thunderstorm. Lots of lightening and wind and we lost power (lucky I brought a battery powered stitching lamp lol).
When we got home the next day we found this:

So much for Andy's Father's Day gift :(

And this . . .
I think they missed us!

Now for the stitching update (drum roll please)

Shores block 1

I hope to finish this block this week and then move on the block 2.'s stitching forum is having a SWAT (Stitch-week-a-thon) beginning Saturday.  I hope to get a lot done. If you'd like to join in the fun here is a link to the forum
It's a lot of fun and you can work on whatever you want. The forum members and very nice and always helpful. I hope you can join us for our SWAT. We post pictures at the beginning and of our progress. It is inspiring to see what we all get done in such a short amount of time. 

I hope you are all staying cool and enjoying your summer - 

Happy Stitching,


  1. Glad you had a great vacation. But that poor canopy - can it be fixed? Shores looks great too!

  2. sounds like a wonderful vacation & that waterfall & sunset are GORGEOUS!!!!
    Wonder if the storm you got was the same day as the one that went thru here? It was wicked for sure!!

  3. Nice vacation, sorry about the storm damage, glad it wasn't worse. Enjoy the SWAT.

  4. Lovely holiday photos.
    Your dogs are sweet and that's a lovely stitching finish.

  5. Nice vacation pictures. You must have had a lot of fun. What can certainly not be said about the damage you found when you got home again.
    Great start of Shores!

  6. That is a nice pic of Bushkill Fall. Sorry about the father's day tent. It gave me a chuckle. I love the Hawk Run piece you have going. Mine is somewhere? LOL. Thanks for the link to SWAT…I will have to check into it.