Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, September 12, 2011

SAL update Week 4

Hi all!
I hope you all have had a great week. Mine has been crazy as you can see by my progress.  I will be bringing up the rear again.  It finally stopped raining and I hear cool weather will arrive on Wednesday.

The beginning of the week my older daughter call me at work to say that our older dog Lady's eye looked really strange - only the white showing and she couldn't close it.  We rushed her to the vet but it turned out it was a absessed tooth.  She is on anti-biotics as due to her cushings surgery really is not an option.  She is better today so we shall see how she does.

Went (in the rain through the flooded roads) to my crochet class Wednesday. It was really fun and I am looking forward to this Wednesday.  Saturday we went to sign a contract at the camp ground. We take posession of the camper on October 1st.  

Lunch today with an old friend which is always wonderful.  Off to work tomorrow.  

Now for the update:

First is Denise whose fingers must be falling off from over use! Way to fly Denise!

Shari has her words done - do you think the cloud will slow her down? I'm not so sure it will - Way to go Shari!!

Moving right along is Angela - Keep up the great work Angela I am right there with you!

Last but not least (I hope) is little old me.  As my mom would say "slow and steady win the race" but I am not so sure!  I think those 2 "hares" are going to get to the end first :)

Til next time Take a little time and enjoy your stitching!!!


  1. Don't worry, Rose, You got that solid cloud done, and it looks great. Just enjoy the fun of stitching with friends and sharing each other's progress. Glad to hear that Lady's doing well, and the weather didn't slow you down, with your class and the campground. My relatives in PA had a few problems, but they're improving day by day. Take care, Dear!

  2. I'm so glad to hear Lucy is better!

    I think you've made wonderful progress on your NorthWind. As long as you're enjoying the journey and the wonderful company of friends, doesn't matter how quickly or slowly you stitch. :)