Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, September 19, 2011

SAL WEEK 5 and other updates

Hello all and welcome to Autumn in the Northeast.  We went from air conditioning to 43 degrees at night.  I am enjoying the cool weather (although my shoulder is not). I have been enjoying my stitching and practicing my crochet.  Not much to show yet int he crochet department.  Stitching? Well I am enjoying every stitch and seeing how the other ladies are progressing but I do notice I can't stitch for long periods (like I love to) with out my hands and neck bothering me so short spurts will get me to the finish eventually.

Here are the week 5 updates:

 Angela week 5

Denise week 5

Rose week 5

 Shari week 5

I thought I would do alphabetical order this week lol.  

Lady Mae is doing better. She went back to the dr. on Friday and will be doing 10 more days of antibiotics. Then we wait. If it comes back we will try 6-9 weeks of antibiotics. She is a wonderful old dog and we will try to make the best decisions we can for her. Well All are happy here in the Christmas City and I will "talk" to you all again soon -


  1. Beautiful WIPs. I wonder if heatpack will help your shoulders?

  2. All are beautiful! Would one of those microwavable shoulder wraps work to help your shoulder pain?

  3. oooo lovely work by all of you .... have you tried bio freeze gel ???? works for me every time and it doesn't interfere with any thing else you are taking either :) love mouse xxxx

  4. sounds like lots of people have advice for you....hope something helps...
    keep enjoying the SAL..I know I am...
    I am catching up on blogs now.....