Steel Stacks

Steel Stacks

Monday, September 26, 2011

OH Where is Fall?? (SAL update too)

Good Morning All (it's morning for 5 more minutes),

Oh where, oh where has my mojo gone. Maybe when fall finally gets here it will return.  Lots of dr. visits this week and we are buying our RV Wednesday and headed up to the mountains this weekend. Maybe the colors are changing up there. I will settle for cooler temps, low humidity and some sun.   

My older daughter Siobhan is moving to Philadelphia November 1st. Funny it seems like we just moved her to the basement (oh yeah we did) and now she is off to Philly. She is getting a row home with her old college roomies and has a lead on a great job teaching art to learning challenged adults. I hope it comes through as she would be great at that.  My younger daughter Devin starts her internship today at Good Shephard Rehab Center where she will be working in the head trauma department. It should be an interesting 3 months. 

Crochet class is going well I will post my first project later in the week.  It is a heart and is really coming out nice.  I am bringing patterns to class on Wednesday to decide on my first bigger project.  I am thinking of a scarf or slippers or maybe a shawl.  

Here is our latest update on out SAL:

Angela Week 6
She is really moving along.
Denise week 6
Inspite of surgery she still managed to get some stitching done!
Shari week 6
She had a busy week but still is smokin'!

Rose week 6
Oh mojo come back!! I still love this pattern though!

Will "talk" to you all again soon!

Monday, September 19, 2011

SAL WEEK 5 and other updates

Hello all and welcome to Autumn in the Northeast.  We went from air conditioning to 43 degrees at night.  I am enjoying the cool weather (although my shoulder is not). I have been enjoying my stitching and practicing my crochet.  Not much to show yet int he crochet department.  Stitching? Well I am enjoying every stitch and seeing how the other ladies are progressing but I do notice I can't stitch for long periods (like I love to) with out my hands and neck bothering me so short spurts will get me to the finish eventually.

Here are the week 5 updates:

 Angela week 5

Denise week 5

Rose week 5

 Shari week 5

I thought I would do alphabetical order this week lol.  

Lady Mae is doing better. She went back to the dr. on Friday and will be doing 10 more days of antibiotics. Then we wait. If it comes back we will try 6-9 weeks of antibiotics. She is a wonderful old dog and we will try to make the best decisions we can for her. Well All are happy here in the Christmas City and I will "talk" to you all again soon -

Monday, September 12, 2011

SAL update Week 4

Hi all!
I hope you all have had a great week. Mine has been crazy as you can see by my progress.  I will be bringing up the rear again.  It finally stopped raining and I hear cool weather will arrive on Wednesday.

The beginning of the week my older daughter call me at work to say that our older dog Lady's eye looked really strange - only the white showing and she couldn't close it.  We rushed her to the vet but it turned out it was a absessed tooth.  She is on anti-biotics as due to her cushings surgery really is not an option.  She is better today so we shall see how she does.

Went (in the rain through the flooded roads) to my crochet class Wednesday. It was really fun and I am looking forward to this Wednesday.  Saturday we went to sign a contract at the camp ground. We take posession of the camper on October 1st.  

Lunch today with an old friend which is always wonderful.  Off to work tomorrow.  

Now for the update:

First is Denise whose fingers must be falling off from over use! Way to fly Denise!

Shari has her words done - do you think the cloud will slow her down? I'm not so sure it will - Way to go Shari!!

Moving right along is Angela - Keep up the great work Angela I am right there with you!

Last but not least (I hope) is little old me.  As my mom would say "slow and steady win the race" but I am not so sure!  I think those 2 "hares" are going to get to the end first :)

Til next time Take a little time and enjoy your stitching!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

SAL Update Week 3

Good Afternoon All . . .
and a dreary Labor Day it is here in Bethlehem.  I have had enough rain to last me a long time.  Wish I could send some down to Texas where it is needed instead of constantly being under a flood watch.  It started raining again last night and is not supposed to clear til at least Thursday. UGH!  I am really ready for what I call "jeans and sweatshirt" weather. I love the cool temps of fall but since our dry season was the rainyest in history I am dreading the rainy season! This dreary weather really gets me down in the dumps so lets get to the update pictures and see if I can cheer us all up.

First let me present the speed stitcher - Denise!

 She is amazing! I can hope the barn slows here down a little.

Next burning up the fabric is - Shari!

She is flying (but the cloud should slow her a little :) )

Next is the indomitable Angela!

She is really moving along (considering she started a week behind by changing fabric) 

And last but not least little old me!

I'm getting there.  The lettering does go faster but oh how I wish I was home stitching all week long :(  Someday!

Tomorrow it is off to work I go followed by PT and Wednesday night I go for my first crochet class.  It is being held at a local store called The Knitter's Edge.  Here is a link if you are interested. The Knitter's Edge.  It is an amazing store. I stopped in today to see if I needed to bring anything and the selection of yarns from all over the world is overwhelming!  If you are a knitter or crocheter I suggest you check them out.  

Well off to the kitchen I go. I promised my husband Andy that I would make cabbage & noodles for dinner. I have been promising for 2 weeks so it is now or another week will pass me by.  Have a great week and Happy Stitching!!!